News Release - For Immediate Release - November 8, 2012

Connecticut Green Party
PO Box 231214
Hartford, CT 06123

Contact: Tim McKee, National Committee of the Green Party, 203-710-1056


Melissa Schlag, Green Party candidate for state senate, received almost 4,000 votes in her predominantly Republican lower Connecticut River valley district, setting a milestone for the state party. Her total represents almost ten percent of the votes cast, an accomplishment unprecedented for a Green candidate in a race for the Connecticut Senate against Democratic and Republican opponents.

Schlag, a construction contractor and preservationist from Haddam, where she has been involved in local land-use issues, had received endorsements from the New London Day and the Norwich Bulletin, both recognizing her potential as a means to bridge the gap between the two major parties.

Green Party activists say they will make every effort to pave the way for another run by Melissa Schlag two years from now.