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September 21, 2010 - for immediate release

Scott Deshefy
Candidate for Congress 2nd District (860) 642-7066
Tim McKee 
Spokesperson and National Committee member, (860) 860-778-1304

Green Party Candidate For Congress, Scott Deshefy Slammed Congressman Joe Courtney Today For Supporting Genetically Engineered Food And Corporate Farming

A retired Connecticut State Environmental Scientist, Scott Deshefy is a biologist from Lebanon, Connecticut who has studied and written about wide life, ecology and pollution issues and says this issue is an important but little discussed issue. He thinks local the local Congressional representatives should speak out on it.

Deshefy said "The critical issue of genetically altered salmon is before the Food and Drug administration. If I were in Congress today, as a biologist and ecologist, I would vote against approval of this bill. I strongly urge Congressman Courtney to do the same. Genetically modified flora and fauna have many harmful drawbacks. Even if farm-raised and sterile, "GM" salmon, once accidentally or deliberately released to the wild, can out compete natural species and cause further declines of already over fished populations and further threats to species diversity."

Deshefy said "Courtney has voted for unrestricted used of genetically altered alfalfa in the past, and he did not listen to the warning from farmers. I think the local fishing fleet would have a lot to say about "Franken-fish competing with the natural wildlife, he should listen to the local fishing people.

He added " I ask Congressman Courtney to side with average American citizens, not corporate campaign contributors, who would not hesitate to copyright and trademark the "altered" fish as they have with other genetically modified food."



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