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Greenwich, CT – June 1, 2018 – Following on the April 21 Green Party of Connecticut nominating meeting for Fairfield County candidates, life-long Greenwich resident Megan E. Cassano has accepted the nomination to run for State Senate, District 36 (covering Greenwich, North Stamford and part of New Canaan).

A licensed clinical social worker with degrees from Fordham University and Concordia College (where she also served as an adjunct professor), Cassano has run for Board of Education in Stamford in 2009 and 2010. In finding congruence between her extensive health/social outreach activities and the principles of the party since joining in 2007, she is promoting an educational and pointedly participatory approach to her campaign.

Cassano's platform includes school anti-bullying/trauma recognition programs, sensible gun law reform, equal and universal job and education opportunities, mental health services for veterans and others whose need exceeds their access, and free higher education. In order to effect meaningful progress across these numerous points, Cassano feels strongly about people embracing the chance to learn why so many social issues have reached such acute stages as the first step toward exploring truly solutions-based options: "We can talk about problems until we are blue in the face, but the first--and hardest--step is identifying the underlying issue."

What follows are remedies that are not just cost-effective, but serve human needs without the encumbrances of business-as-usual legislative or bipartisan bureaucracy. "Laws should exist to support people, rather than create situations that could pose further difficulties" down the road.

Cassano reached this position after years of experience with municipalities and nonprofits like the City of Stamford, Catholic Charities, the Rushford Crisis Center and other agencies focused on crisis work, needle exchange and HIV/AIDS initiatives, and often placed special value on voluntary involvement.

Her Facebook page follows suit by placing equal emphasis on voter opinions as it does candidate proposals, be it the advisability of Active-Shooter drills in public schools, or the status of the opioid crisis in Connecticut. Championing a more proactive, rather than reactive stance on what is negatively impacting the lives of residents in her district, Cassano asks, "Why wait to address a problem until AFTER it happens? Isn’t everyone getting a little tired of the high-profile ‘clean-up’" after the fact?

Voters can learn more about Megan Cassano at Email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; messenger @vote.cassano.

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