Darek ShapiroDear Concerned Citizen,

With my ability to find innovative solutions that improve our quality of life, together we will overcome the education, energy, transportation, and housing problems facing our City. I'm a Stamford-based environmental architect and I have a home and family here.

I joined the Green Party because its values are for an affordable social and economic future for our city. In my campaign I've met with many of you to develop beneficial solutions. I successfully debated my opponents by sticking to these solutions and avoiding the mudslinging between both my Republican and Democratic rivals.

In the last week of this campaign you can find me campaigning at supermarkets or by calling my cell phone (203) 223-0321.

I'd love to be your mayor so that I can continue to complete the work I started in a more influential position. For example, I founded a committee that got the city to commit 20% of it's energy from wind, solar and hydro power -- all clean energy by the year 2010.

Please drop me a line if you can participate or have any ideas or suggestions about my campaign. Best of all, bring a friend and vote Green for a healthy affordable future.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Darek Shapiro
Darek Shapiro
Green Party Candidate for Mayor of Stamford

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