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David Bedell for State Senate
12 Ardsley Rd
Stamford, CT 06906
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David Bedell for State Senate, 36th District 2006
(includes Greenwich and parts of Stamford and New Canaan)

Too many of our elected offices go unchallenged each year. Since his election in 1990 (in a race against Ned Lamont), William Nickerson has never had to face a Democratic opponent until this year. In 2004, the Green Party offered voters a choice by running a candidate John Amarilios, and this year the Democrats have fielded a candidate Frank Farricker.

In other words, the Democrats sat out seven election cycles, from 1992 through 2004. As a major party under the laws of Connecticut they can do this, re-entering the elections any year they choose. The Green Party does not have this luxury. As a minor party, we lose ballot access for an office unless we run a candidate and win at least 1% of the vote each time. If we lose ballot access, then we have to go through the time-consuming process of petitioning to get back on the ballot.

The CT campaign finance reform law, passed in 2005, has a similar discriminatory clause for minor parties, requiring them to meet an additional, even higher petitioning threshold before they can qualify for the Citizens' Election Fund. No petitioning is required for major party candidates to qualify. These are the kinds of obstacles that prevent the USA from becoming a multiparty democracy like most of the Western world.

  • 2006: David is also running for Judge of Probate in Stamford
  • 2002-present: Secretary, Fairfield County chapter, CT Green Party
  • 2001-present: Board member, Teachers Against Prejudice
  • 2000-present: Program director at a medical charity addressing global health
  • 1990-2000: Taught English and citizenship to international students
  • 1985-1990: Taught English in China
  • 1993: M.A. in English, University of Alabama
  • 1985: B.A. in linguistics, Swarthmore College
  • David has lived under a one-party system (China) and a two-party system (the USA). He hopes one day to live in a multiparty democracy.
  • Reform election laws to encourage new candidates with fresh ideas
  • Enact a Connecticut Health Plan to insure all state residents
  • Close Indian Point and Millstone nuclear plants; promote sustainable energy
  • Support mass transit and Smart Growth; contain sprawl and overbuilding
  • Equalize education funding by relying more on state revenues, less on local property taxes
  • End the Drug War that imprisons our youth and sparks gun violence
  • Reform eminent domain laws so property cannot be seized for corporate development
  • Abolish the Death Penalty; substitute life in prison without parole