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Gabriel Rossi for State Representative
   Gabriel Rossi
for State Representative, 135th District 2010

(includes Easton, Weston and part of Redding)


Gabriel Rossi cares deeply about the people and character of Connecticut. He graduated from the University of Connecticut in 1996 and has lived in Fairfield County for more than twenty years-presently residing in Easton with his wife and family. Gabriel has worked as an instructional designer and media consultant at Yale and Columbia universities, and is currently the Senior Associate Director for Curriculum at the Yale School of Management. Prior to entering higher education, Gabriel spent his career in K-12, working with and for public schools to enrich and modernize teaching and learning. He has consulted on a variety of strategic plans and projects for libraries, museums, hospitals, businesses, and not-for-profits, and has volunteered with an array of organizations to better serve the children and families of our state.


I am running as the Green Party candidate to preserve the identity of our communities while advocating for broader legislation that reflects the values we share: a commitment to the wellness and education of our children; a deep concern for our environment and open space; and an unwavering belief that eco-minded, conscientious businesses are what is needed to build a robust economy in our state. For these reasons, and to bring an independent voice to the political discourse, I am running for State Representative in the 135th district.


  • To support the wellness of our children through exercise and healthy food programs, including the promotion and use of open space, school gardens, and locally grown and organic foods.
  • To develop public–private community partnerships that build a strong and sustainable future for our economy and environment.
  • To promote conscientious businesses whose missions go beyond earnings, but also include and acknowledge the culture and values of our communities.