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Vic Edgerton for Alderman in New Haven's Ward 9

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

If you choose me as your Alderman on November 4th, my priorities will include:

Informing, Educating, Building

The first step toward stronger communities is clear communication. Through a newsletter and website, I will share information about local issues and discuss progressive solutions to the city's challenges. I have already begun this with my East Rock Community News video, now airing on CTV on Thursdays at 5:30 PM. Each September, I will create a special, new-resident newsletter to welcome neighbors, introduce the community, its assets, its challenges and opportunities to get involved. I will hold monthly "drop in" hours to hear your concerns and ideas for Ward 9 at one of our local laundromats, coffee shops, markets or restaurants. I will continue to help build and strengthen neighborhood associations.

Property Taxes and a Healthier Economy

I support the pursuit of a "fair share" contribution to the city from Yale in the short term and efforts to spread the burden of the tax base through the region in the long term. It will then be easier for small, locally owned businesses to thrive. I support workers' right to organize and the expansion of the living wage ordinance to cover more workers than the handful that is covered now, which will pump money into the economy from the bottom-up.

A Cleaner Environment

I will create a free soil testing program for those concerned about lead contamination, which was found in our community garden. I will work to keep New Haven industries from burning residual fuel oil, the dirtiest of all fuel oils. I support courting businesses that provide hourly car rentals, which have proven to be a viable alternative to car ownership, which would reduce air pollution, ease traffic and parking concerns, and help lower the cost of living for those who only need a car for shopping or weekend trips. I will continue to use my 10 years of environmental and public health experience to protect Ward 9 and New Haven residents, like I have as a key member of the New Haven Environmental Justice Network.

Crime Prevention

Building on the new bike cop patrol, the next step is to deter crime is with tighter communities. I will create opportunities like "block parties" for new residents—including graduate students—to meet their neighbors and I will work to expand involvement in Block Watches to further the safety of Ward 9 residents. I support the community policing approach and the good work of Officer Avery and Lt. Lanza.

Clean Elections

The contribution limits for the proposed mayoral clean elections bill are an improvement at $300, but are still far out of the reach of the low-income New Haven voter. Many more could afford a $100 contribution, a limit I imposed on my own campaign, making the process more inclusive. The same limits should apply to Aldermanic races. To minimize time spent on fundraising, I will fight for a disclosure requirement on campaign materials when a candidate spends more than $3,000.

Addressing the Crisis in our Schools

I will push for an elected Board of Education to introduce accountability into our school system. I support a student representative on the Board of Education. I also support higher teachers' salaries that are in line with surrounding areas, lower class sizes, and an expansion of the Hooker district.

A Bicycle-Friendly City

I will continue to pursue ways to make the city more friendly to cyclists, starting with more bike lanes to lower-income areas, more bike racks at our local businesses, slowing traffic using an array of "traffic calming" measures, tracking of cycling and pedestrian accidents so we can identify the dangerous spots and fix them, and working closely with the police to stem the recent tide of bike and wheel thefts.